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We believe primary school teachers are crucial in inspiring children to move more. However, there is little focus on PE in teaching training, so many teachers feel under prepared.
Our Professional Development service has been carefully constructed to support teachers on their PE learning journey.

– What we do –

How Does It Work?

Working 1-1 in PE lessons with your teachers in school, our Primary PE Specialists will…

Model Good Practice

– Learn & Improve –

“I was incredibly nervous to teach PE as an NQT. I now look forward to PE lessons.”
Newly-qualified teacher

Lambeth school

Team Teach With Your Staff

– Every Half-Term –

“I have learnt so much I now have a way to teach which is fun for me and the children!”
Experienced class teacher

Westminster school

Plan, Prepare & Assess

– Every Half-Term –

“I now appreciate the importance of putting just as much thought into my PE lessons as I do for Maths or Literacy.”
Class teacher

Southwark school

Observe & Provide Feedback

– Every Half-Term –

“The observations and feedback have given all teachers here an opportunity to understand how an Outstanding PE lesson should work.”
Class teacher

Wandsworth school

– Our Goal –

Developing Excellence

Over the course of a half-term or more (subject to the needs of the individual teacher) our Primary PE Specialists will model good practice and provide helpful written and verbal feedback. We’ll also team-teach, observe, assess, plan, and prepare with your staff. This will develop excellent subject knowledge, not to mention confidence and an awareness of outstanding practice.

What’s more, our support comes with access to all Moving Matters schemes of work and a range of supporting documents which will help improve your staff’s ability to teach good or outstanding PE lessons.

– What we do –

The Outcomes


Greater enthusiasm & confidence teaching PE


Increased subject knowledge


Improved behaviour management in PE


The ability to plan, prepare, and assess in PE


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