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Professional Development

Building Teaching Knowledge and Confidence

“Super insightful and supportive. I feel more confident teaching

netball, particularly regarding the progression of skills and ideas for

how to put it into competitive games.”


Of the Teachers who take part in our Professional Development Service:

100% described the pre-planning and professionalism as “excellent”

100% saw an increase in their subject knowledge after the programme

100% were impressed by the detailed feedback and recommendations they received from us

100% rated the Primary PE Specialist’s rapport and behavioural management as “excellent”

* From a staff evaluation form in 2023


“It has shown me the importance of being pre-prepared. It also showed me the step by step introduction of skill sets so that children felt they could succeed and therefore enjoy the lessons”

“I’ve found the professional development very useful in terms of lesson structure, progression and challenge within a lesson.”

“I’ll carry forward the frequent discussions with Levi and his advice about how to improve my PE teaching practice.”

“It was brilliant and I can’t wait to work with Levi again in the future.”

Sunnyhill Primary

School Teachers

“Giving excellent feedback and next steps for myself. Helping me to see ways to challenge and differentiate in Dance.”

“[I am] Considering more inventive and fun ways to teach basketball rules and skills.”

“I feel more confident in delivering PE lessons and feel like I can always go to my assigned Coach for advice and support. I was very impressed with their manner with the children and how they delivered fun exciting lessons. “

Elm Wood Primary

School Teachers

– What we do –

How Does It Work?

Working 1-1 in PE lessons with your teachers in school, our Primary PE Specialists will…

Model Good Practice

– Learn & Improve –

“I was incredibly nervous to teach PE as an NQT. I now look forward to PE lessons.”
Newly-qualified teacher

Lambeth school

Team Teach With Your Staff

– Every Half-Term –

“I have learnt so much I now have a way to teach which is fun for me and the children!”
Experienced class teacher

Westminster school

Plan, Prepare & Assess

– Every Half-Term –

“I now appreciate the importance of putting just as much thought into my PE lessons as I do for Maths or Literacy.”
Class teacher

Southwark school

Observe & Provide Feedback

– Every Half-Term –

“The observations and feedback have given all teachers here an opportunity to understand how an Outstanding PE lesson should work.”
Class teacher

Wandsworth school

Boost Confidence & Subject Knowledge with

Quality Teaching

We believe primary school teachers are crucial in inspiring children to move more. However, there is little focus on PE in teaching training, so many teachers feel under prepared.
Our Professional Development service has been carefully constructed to support teachers on their PE learning journey.

Areas We Cover

Our team of experienced PE specialists offer a comprehensive range of support, training sessions, and resources that are tailored to the unique needs of London’s diverse school communities.

We currently provide this service to 15 schools across the following London boroughs:

  • ¬†Lambeth
  • Southwark
  • Croydon
  • Lewisham
  • Wandsworth
  • Bromley
  • Westminster

We have the capabilities to expand to other boroughs, so if interested, feel free to reach out.

Why Schools Across London Trust Us

Our Professional Development Service is designed to empower educators with the skills and knowledge to deliver effective PE programs in schools.

From incorporating inclusive practices to promoting physical literacy, our Professional Development service equips teachers with the latest research-based strategies to enhance their teaching of PE.

With a focus on active learning, assessment, and curriculum design, our service helps teachers to inspire their students to lead healthy, active lives and develop a lifelong love for physical activity.

Through collaborative and engaging Professional Development opportunities, we are committed to supporting London’s teachers in providing high-quality PE education for all students.

– Our Goal –

Developing Excellence

Over the course of a half-term or more (subject to the needs of the individual teacher) our Primary PE Specialists will model good practice and provide helpful written and verbal feedback. We’ll also team-teach, observe, assess, plan, and prepare with your staff. This will develop excellent subject knowledge, not to mention confidence and an awareness of outstanding practice.

What’s more, our support comes with access to all Moving Matters schemes of work and a range of supporting documents which will help improve your staff’s ability to teach good or outstanding PE lessons.

The Outcomes


Greater enthusiasm & confidence teaching PE


Increased subject knowledge


Improved behaviour management in PE


The ability to plan, prepare, and assess in PE


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