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Tailored to meet the varying needs of primary school teachers, coaches, and support staff across London, our courses support the development of PE in your school through top-quality training. With 13 years of experience, we'll help your team improve their practice.

2018/19 Courses

Thursday 14th March 2019

What is Outstanding PE?

In this course we will explore how to achieve Outstanding PE at your school. We will look at curriculum, teaching and learning, pupil progress and assessment. This course is targeting all schools but particularly those who want to raise the standards of PE across their school.

Thursday 2nd MAY 2019

Teaching Summer Sports - Tennis, Cricket, & Athletics

As we get into the summer term, this course will prepare staff for the summer term activities. This course will be mostly practical and focus on covering the key content from key stage 2 primary curriculum tennis, cricket and athletics.


We offer schools on-site training through PE INSET. The majority of these are run as twilight sessions at the end of the school day, but we are also available for full day INSETS.

All sessions are tailored to the needs of the school and teaching staff. In addition, they are led by the Director of Moving Matters or the Senior Primary PE Specialist. Our most successful INSETS combine theory with practical exploration of tasks, so your staff will leave educated and inspired!

If you're interested in a PE INSET, please e-mail or give us a call 0203 6914576All the packages we offer include a 2 hour PE INSET.


"Rob is clearly a very highly skilled practitioner and communicated teaching points and key considerations very well indeed. The staff all came away with clear ideas on how to improve their practise."


PE Co-ordinator, Telferscot Primary school, Lambeth (September 2017)

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