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Delivering outstanding PE lessons during PPA time

7736 Children Received PE Lessons In 2022/23


Of the Teachers who observed our staff at their schools
94% was the average rating of how they viewed our Primary PE Specialists’ professionalism

96% was the average rating of how they rated the rapport built with their students

99% was the average rating of how they viewed the service they received from Moving Matters

* From a staff evaluation form in 2023

– What Is Included In Our –

PE PPA Cover

At Moving Matters we understand the value of providing reliable high quality PPA cover which protects the teacher’s planning time. Our PPA cover is facilitated by our dynamic team of Primary PE Specialists who deliver high quality PE teaching to all year groups across the school.

We know the importance of reliability in providing PPA cover to schools and this is something we have an outstanding reputation for across the over 40 schools we work with across Lambeth, Wandsworth, Westminster, Croydon, Lewisham and Southwark boroughs.

Our key focus in providing high quality PPA cover is centered around:


Strong behaviour management

Varied PE curriculum


At Moving Matters we have been providing PPA cover to schools since 2011 and have developed a great reputation across many schools and local authorities during that time.

Read some of the wonderful feedback from our schools:

“Moving Matters has knowledgeable and experienced staff members who are also very skilled. They have professional conduct and support our staff in addressing any knowledge gaps and furthering their skill set in PE. Specialists also help with addressing any areas that require further development across an effective amount of time.”

– Olivia, Richard Atkins

“Matt is amazing in every way. He is part of the school and is adored by staff and children. His lessons are tailored and shows a clear progression of skills and activities. Along with this he is extremely organised., where he ensures that the school has enough resources for the term ahead.”

– Victoria, Julian’s

“Shaj made a great first impression. He seemed really keen to get into the school and get to know people. He struck me as someone who was meticulous and organsied and he has continued with that throughout the start of the term. Shaj is very knowledgable and keen to improve as a teacher.. It was great to see Rob working with him and giving him some development tips.”

– Ashley, Dunraven

– How We Deliver A –

Diverse PE Curriculum

The PPA cover is managed through the delivery of a diverse PE curriculum, designed to meet the needs of all the children with whom we work. More detail below:

Early Years Learning:

We have designed a curriculum which is age appropriate for reception aged children. It engages the learner through lots of theme based lessons; A Trip to the Circus, A Journey into Space and much much more..


Key Stage 1 Learning:

We continue to maintain a focus on themed learning but the majority of our curriculum focuses on developing basic fundamentals; agility, balance and coordination. Our schemes are progressive and build on skill acquisition from year 1 to 2. We start to explore more sport/activity specific learning in year 2.


Key Stage 2 Learning:

Our key stage 2 curriculum covers a wide range of activities, which stretch and challenge pupils development. We teach a largely skills based curriculum, developing a range of competencies that children can then select and apply into each discipline.

– Our Value Proposition –

Why We Do

We aim to inspire the children we teach through the range of activities and the way in which the curriculum is delivered; inclusive, differentiated, age appropriate, progressive, safe and highly active.

Here is an example of a curriculum map we use for delivering PPA cover.

At the end of every full term covering PPA, schools receive an overview report via email and an assessment of every child we’ve taught. Our PE curriculum is also accessible to your school when you buy at least 1 day of PPA cover. This contains schemes of work, skills maps, visual aids, videos and assessment criteria for each activity.
Examples of our planning can be found on our curriculum page.

Areas We Cover

Our experienced team of PE specialists step in during teachers’ non-contact time to deliver engaging and progressive PE lessons that align with the National Curriculum. Our service is flexible and adaptable, catering to the unique needs and requirements of each school.

We currently provide this service to 22 schools across the following London boroughs:

  • Lambeth
  • Southwark
  • Croydon
  • Lewisham
  • Wandsworth
  • Bromley
  • Westminster

We have the capabilities to expand to other boroughs, so if interested, feel free to reach out.

Why Schools Across London Trust Us

Our PE PPA Cover service for teachers offers a valuable solution for schools seeking to provide high-quality PE education to their students while ensuring teachers have dedicated time for planning and assessment.

Our PE PPA Cover service is designed to save teachers time, reduce their workload, and ensure that students continue to receive outstanding PE education. With our expertise in delivering dynamic and inclusive PE lessons, we strive to support London’s teachers in providing a holistic and enriching educational experience for their students, promoting physical literacy and healthy, active lifestyles.

Here are the range of activities we teach in key stage 2:






Tag Rugby







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