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Our fantastic online PE curriculum will equip all teachers with the necessary tools to teach a dynamic and diverse curriculum.

The curriculum contains:

  • Schemes of work
  • Skills maps
  • Assessment criteria
  • Visual aids
  • Videos

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High-Quality PE Lesson plans with diagrams, success criteria and easy to follow explanations.


'Lesson plans, are clear, age-appropriate and easy to follow. Since I started using the Moving Matters lesson plans, I've saved myself planning time throughout the week and increased the quality of my PE lessons' Year 2 teacher from one of our partner schools

PE Assessments for each year group and sport, according to the National Curriculum for KS1 and KS2.

'As a PE lead, assessment documents help me understand where all pupils are with their learning and how I can help them reach their potential' PE lead from partner school.

Visual Aids, to help teachers and children understand how certain activities and skills look.


'Visual Aids have had such a positive impact on my teaching and the children's performance in PE. When I'm not sure on an activity the visual aids give me a better idea of how it looks, furthermore the skills are great to show to the children as they provide fantastic demonstrations' Year 6 teacher at partner school.

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