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Our Mission

We provide children with positive, active, learning experiences, to inspire a lifelong commitment to sport and physical activity

Our Vision

To help create a healthier society for future generations

Moving Matters

Our Values

At Moving Matters we have developed a set of values that underpin our approach and way of working. Our staff buy into these values and are recognised/rewarded for the way in which they meet them on a termly basis.

We Reflect, Learn and Improve

We reflect on how we do things, are open to feedback, learn from our mistakes and constantly strive to improve how we do things.

No Excuses

We operate in an open, honest and fully accountable way.

We Work With A Purpose

Making a difference in society by getting more children active, is our passion and our why.

Be Remarkable

We aim to go the extra mile to achieve outstanding service.

Welcome Pack

What Sets Us Apart?

Our Staff Are Experienced And Qualified: All of our staff are DBS-checked and have to undergo regular quality assurance checks to ensure they are delivering the highest quality provision at your school. 

Our Brand Is Trustworthy: We work with over 70% of the schools in the Lambeth Borough. We are trusted and established in the community, giving you the assurance that you will receive reliable and consistent service with everything we offer.

Our 2026 Goal: By 2026, we have a vision to get 20,000 children active through the services we offer. Be part of that journey!

What’s Inside The Welcome Pack?

Hear From Director Rob

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