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Maths on the Move is a unique and innovative programme that uses the concept of physically active learning to enhance children's confidence and attainment in maths. Click on the year group to try some of the different active learning quizzes. 


MOTM Quiz Playlists.




Cognitive performance 


Academic research proves that physical activity facilitates brain function through increased concentration, accuracy and efficiency
– all of which are key components for success in maths.


Environment for learning


Maths on the Move allows your pupils to view maths in a different way. The confidence gained through understanding maths in a
physically active context pays dividends in the classroom.


Engagement and retention


 Pupils are actively involved in each MOTM   lesson – increasing the chance of   retaining   the knowledge gained and   boosting   engagement through   memorable  learning   experiences.

 On average, pupils improved   their confidence in maths by 83%

 as a result of taking part in Maths on the   Move

Based on pre and post survey questions from our 2017/18 annual results of 1,456 children.

Math on the Move Lesson objectives 

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Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

How schools use Math on the move ?


SATS booster

Group interventions

Gifted and talented sessions

Curriculum anrichement

School holiday activites 

 Active Maths during lockdown

Home challenge - Year 1 & 2 

                           Home challenge - Year 3 & 4

                           Home challenge Year 5 & 6 


                           Home number trail - Year 1 & 2

                           Home number trail - Year 3 & 4

                           Home number trail - Year 5 & 6  



How your school can budget for Maths on the Move

You can access funding from several streams to help engage your pupils in Maths on the Move.

PE and Schools Sport Premium 

Pupil Premium

Core Maths budget

We offer a different range of packages that can combine Professional development, PPA cover and MOTM

Watch our video! 

Maths on the Move resources and testimony


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