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pro dev markAt Moving Matters we pride ourselves on innovative practice and doing things a little differently.   

Our Professional development service has been carefullly constructed to meet the needs of primary school teachers or support staff.   

We believe that primary school teachers have a huge role to play in inspiring school children to move more, our service supports the improvement of teaching practice at your school. We realise that many primary school teachers aren't provided with the requiste training and support for teaching PE. We're here to help!Our highly trained Primary PE Specialists, all have years of experience working within the primary curriculum teaching.If you buy into this service we will send in a specialist to work alongside your teaching staff and support their development.

Over the course of a half term (or longer subject to the needs of the individual teacher) we will model good practice, observe and provide feedback on teaching (verbal & written), team teach, assess, plan and prepare.

Our ambition is to develop subject knowledge, confidence and an awareness of outstanding practice.The support comes with access to all Moving Matters schemes of work and a range of supporting documents which will help you to improve your staff's ability to teach good/outstanding PE lessons. 

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Testimonies from our schools 2013-2017...


"She is brilliant to work with. She understands the stress of schools and is accommodating and flexible. All the teachers she has worked with have sung her praises and have found her supportive, knowledgeable and positive. She has taken on board my vision for the sessions and moulded it accordingly. She is everything I hoped she would be and a bit more!"

Class teacher - Westminister school


"Prior to starting the year I was incredibly nervous to teach PE as an NQT. I look forward to PE lessons. Mark has been incredibly supportive and I now fully understand how to progress, differentiate, and engage the children during PE lessons. This is due to Mark's fantastic support-his explanations are clear and he is encouraging, professional, and extremely prepared. His lessons go above and beyond the NC requirements, teaching the children and myself how to use PE as a way of promoting not only overall fitness, but coordination, self esteem, and team work."

Class teacher - Lambeth school

"I am very confident teaching PE, but not dance - Jen has been an absolute star! I have learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed dance this term. I now have a way to teach which is fun for me as well as thew children, it engages all the children and the children progress each week.

Thank you so much

Class teacher - Wandsworth school


"I feel I have received a great amount of support, having never taught P.E before this was extremely valuable. James has been a source of knowledge and support, the children have responded very well to his teaching and skills. 

Thank you!"

Class teacher - Southwark school