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                  Who are Moving Matters..

Our organisation was formed following the end to national    funding for the Lambeth School Sports Partnership.

We have now been operating since September 2011 and    are very proud of our origins and what we have achieved    over that time.

Moving Matters provides PE teaching and sports coaching    to schools and within the community with a strong  committment to quality provision and the development of    young people.

Our fundamental goals are:

1. Creating early positive learning experiences in PE & sport.

2. To motivate and inspire children to be active for life.


 I strongly recommend having a look at the Designed to Move website as this has had a huge infleunce on our direction and purpose. There are some shocking projections in this piece of research and we hope to challenge the INactivity epidemic in the work we do and show that Moving really does Matter!

We'd love to work with you and support your school, so please take a look through the site, review what's on offer and send us a message HERE.  

Look forward to hearing from you.

Rob Wilkinson


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 Thank you for visiting our site, I hope this is your first step to improving or developing PE at your school