SLD Soccer School Update 2019/20

It was a seriously busy first term of 2019/20 at SLD Soccer School and our players worked their socks off. We’ve had multiple home and away fixtures, a flourishing girls group on a Monday, the introduction of 1-2-1 sessions and merging of last year’s Monday U9 group into our Wednesday session as a few highlights of this season so far.

Part of our focus at the start of the season was to develop the players’ quality on the ball and game understanding. Last year’s focus was more towards developing technical proficiency and whilst this is still at the heart of all of our sessions, we started delivering sessions that challenged the players to transfer these technical skills into games. This resulted in a few slightly messy, unstructured performances in the early fixtures as the players started to get their heads round the challenges our coaches had set for them, but culminated in one of our most impressive, mature, confident, composed and assured performances to date vs. St Matthew’s Project (SMP) at the Elm Green. This game also coincided with our first go at a player-led fixture, meaning our U12 players managed their own tactics, positions and feedback conversations. Perhaps all the chatting the players do in our sessions has some benefit!

In early November, we launched our 1-1 coaching programme for Monday evenings and Saturday mornings and the response from parents and players was overwhelmingly positive. The players have developed technical skill, confidence and fitness and performances in games have reflected this. We’re in the early stages of our 1-1s, but we feel that this is a valuable opportunity to accelerate our players’ development. Watch this space in 2020!