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6 Weeks To Go!

At the start of the summer term, I said to the team this is the part of the year we all enjoy the most, the sun is out, the weather vastly improved and all in all life is better! We then had a month of cold and wet weather!! BUT NOW finally we seem to be having a nice run of it, shorts out, sunglasses on, a PE teacher’s dream.


Over the past few years, this has been a very stressful time. The government have historically been late in announcing the continuation of the PE and Sport premium, so a relief this year after the early March announcement.


I am however holding contract renewal meetings and discussing our services with potential new member schools. Much like in schools, planning for September has its challenges and piecing it all together, takes time, so a certain amount of spinning plates during Term 6.


One of our values is REFLECT, LEARN AND IMPROVE, something I do a lot of at this time of year. Considering the quality of provision, the performance of staff, the impact of our work and whether we’ve met our personal and collective targets.

I recently read Matthew Syed’s book: “Black Box Thinking”, which reflects on the importance of embracing and learning from failures! We’d like to think we minimise those failings at Moving Matters but the reality is we all fail. We are very open to evaluation and feedback across the wide range of services we provide, so that we can best understand our failings. My staff probably won’t thank me for that but we believe we provide outstanding services that  can always be adapted, developed and improved.


I am also re-reading “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. In it he discusses marginal gains for improvement. The concept that a smaller target of 1% improvement week on week, will ultimately equate to 52% a year.  A healthy level of progress and one deemed “achievable” in small steps.


We are always pushing for marginal gains at Moving Matters because that can make the difference in the quality of what we offer and most significantly the active experience for the child we’re hoping to impact. Read below about our Quality Assurance processes, key to achieving those marginal gains.


Of course we’re in no way perfect but it has been lovely hearing lots of positive feedback from Headteachers about the great work our Primary PE Specialists have been doing.

This term we have 3 VERY exciting Athletics competitions. The Gifted and Talented Athletics events at Tooting Bec racetrack on June 22nd and 29th are going to be EPIC!


We have the largest number of schools attending this summer and seeing children competing on a race track is really the reason we work in this sector.


National School Sports Week is nearly upon us (June 19th – 25th), and we are working with the Youth Sports Trust to drive engagement in their #pledgetoplay


We’d encourage ALL schools to sign up for the pledge, select button below to sign up for the resources.


We will be sharing further details on how we’ll be engaging with our Member schools, with some special activities planned.


Finally, we’re in the process of recruiting at present for the following positions:

  • Disability Sport – Head Coach

  • PE & Sport Apprentices

  • Primary PE Specialists/Coaches

  • Director of Football

All roles can be found through the links below.


Wishing you all well and enjoy the sunshine!


– Director Rob

National School Sports Week

Man City Historic Treble?

Manchester City finds themselves on the cusp of a historic treble, an accomplishment that would etch their name into the annals of football greatness. This remarkable feat is a testament to the unwavering perseverance of the team.


Throughout this crazy journey of a season, Manchester City encountered numerous obstacles and challenges, with Arsenal leading the league for the longest time of any team in Premier League history that did not win the title (93% of the season), yet they never wavered in their determination to succeed.


Their resilience in the face of adversity has been truly inspiring. The players, led by their visionary manager Pep Guardiola, exemplify the importance of perseverance, reminding us that success is not handed on a silver platter, but earned through  commitment, hard work, and a strong belief in one’s abilities.


As the final battle awaits, a Champions League Final against Inter Milan on Saturday, Manchester City stands as a shining example that perseverance, even in the face of daunting odds, can pave the way to historic triumphs.

Read More Here

Our School Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are The Primary PE  Specialists (Coaches)?

In the sports coaching sector there are a huge variety of qualifications but at present no single qualification prepares people for delivering PE in primary schools. The majority of our staff have a level 5 qualification and we offer apprenticeships, which have historically lead to full time positions. When recruiting into our team we consider qualifications but due to the huge variety of qualifications we see on applications, we place more value on experiences working in primary schools or with primary-aged children.

What PE Curriculum Will We Teach?

All children are different and as such our curriculum is structured to meet the needs of all pupils, as a varied curriculum is an outstanding one.


Our aim is to find an activity which engages a child and leads to an increased enthusiasm and commitment to sport and physical activity.


With this in mind, our curriculum includes the following activities; Football, Tag-Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Handball, Dance, Gymnastics, Parkour, Athletics and Multi Skills.


At the end of each unit of work we will assess children against the criteria for each activity.

What Is Your Competitions Programme?

At Moving Matters we see competitions as an important aspect of the school sport experience. We run 12 competitions each academic year, 4 per term, covering all age ranges and engaging children with the following activities; football, netball, tag-rugby, swimming, multi skills, dodgeball, handball and athletics. It is school sport at it’s finest.

How Do Holiday Camps Fit Into What You Do?

Outside of term time we run holiday camps and we have a well established multi sport and football camp which runs at The Elmgreen school. Our aim is to provide high quality childcare, which keeps children active during the holidays. The experience is highly varied with two different sports covered each day at our multi sports camps and we also do other activities like arts and crafts, archery, board games and quizzes to keep the children engaged. In addition we offer a football specialist camp. Our camps are delivered largely by our Primary PE Specialists who work in local primary schools.

How Do You Utilise Social Media?

We believe in increasing the visibility of PE, sport and physical activity and so, we are very engaged across Twitter with staff having individual accounts to share their experiences.

Formal Observations

Our staff have two formal observations each academic year or more if the quality drops below our expected standard. These observations are a great opportunity for staff to demonstrate one of the Moving Matters values – BE REMARKABLE.


Below we have shared our formal observation criteria, which has been created in line with teacher standards but adapted in line with PE and what we want to see.


You can see below the priority areas for staff to focus on. We scrutinise heavily with the aim to push our staff to give their best.


It’s all about those marginal gains.


So far this year we’ve seen some very impressive formal observations, with lots of staff achieving “Outstanding”.


If you’d like an electronic copy of these docs, get in touch, we’re happy to share with schools to improve standards in PE.

Apprenticeship Vacancy

We are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic Sports Coach to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for leading and motivating athletes of all ages and skill levels, creating practice plans, and providing instruction on proper technique and safety. The ideal candidate will have a passion for sports, a strong work ethic, and excellent communication skills. The Sports Coach will also be expected to provide guidance on nutrition, fitness, and overall health.


  • Develop and implement a training program for athletes.

  • Teach proper technique and form.

  • Provide feedback and guidance to athletes.

  • Motivate athletes to reach their full potential.

  • Create a positive team environment.

  • Develop strategies to improve team performance.

  • Monitor the progress of athletes and adjust the training program accordingly.

We’d really appreciate if you could share this vacancy in your school and parent networks if possible:

Apply Here

Summer Term 2 Competitions Programme

As we are in the final stretch of the 22/23 Academic year, we finish off our Intra-School Competitions programme with 3 Athletics events for Year 2 and KS3 students to take part in. These are fully booked and everyone is brimming with enthusiasm to welcome in the hopeful attendees, ready to compete for medals, trophies and bragging rights.


After many date and venue alterations, we have settled on these 3 dates and hope each day pans out as planned. Shoutout to Coach George, our Competitions Lead, for how diligently has worked this term to handle the logistics of everything. In the build-up to these events, check out our curriculum feature below:

Summer Term Curriculum – Sprint Starts

Moving Matters Athletics - Sprint Starts

In this video, you will see Coach Matt showcasing different techniques for sprinting, which is perfect practice for our Athletics competitions, with the Sprinting events being so high-contested every year. I’ve also put a lesson plan below that some of our Coaches will be implementing over the next few weeks.

Athletics Sprinting Lesson Plan


Mid-Summer Holiday Camp Review

You can read our Mid-Summer Holiday Camp recap using the button below:

Mid-Summer Camp Recap

Talent ID Session


Discover the future stars of the beautiful game at our exciting Football Talent ID session! Calling all young players with dreams of greatness, this is your chance to shine.


Our Ballers Elite session has over 30 boys and girls taking part in high-quality sessions every Wednesday after school and as we are letting our eldest cohort go at the end of the academic year, we are accepting a new intake of hopeful players.


Join us for a free evening of light competition and showcase your skills in a thrilling tournament-style setting. Showcasing your talents in front of our experienced coaches, you’ll have the opportunity to elevate your game to new heights. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to take your child’s football journey to the next level.



This is a trial session for players to be invited to our Elite programme so if you feel they would be interested, feel free to sign up using the link below:


If your child already attends our Elite (Wednesday) session then they do not need to book

Book Talent ID

Quote of the Week

Sir Chris Hoy

6x Olympic Gold Medalist, Most Olympic Gold-Decorated Briton


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”


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