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Mid-Jan Edition

Welcome Back

Dear Schools

Welcome back! I hope you all had a well deserved break over the festive period. At Moving Matters it’s a great time for the whole team to recharge the batteries, as we are dormant from end of term through to restart in January. At no other point in the year are the whole team off and coming after the long Autumn term it’s always a welcome break.

It’s been a very positive start to the new academic year and we are hoping to build on that over the Spring term. We are still in the prcess of recruiting, having taken on more schools and we are also setting up 2 new holiday camp sites at present.

This term we welcome a new Primary PE Specialist to our group, Antony Eyakware joins us full time and will be working at Castle Hill Academy, New Addington.

We have some really exciting competitions scheduled for this term; Dodgeball, Swimming, Netball and Handball for the first time. Some of these events are already at full capacity, so if interested move quickly (the Moving Matters way!) to get booked in, check the Competitions section further down to secure your school’s place.

Wishing you all a positive Spring term at your school.

– Rob

Reports and Assessments

At the end of each full term, member schools receive a termly report and an assessment of each child we have taught in each activity.

Assessment across the curriculum is rigorous, particularly in numeracy and literacy, however the levels of PE assessment taking place are highly inconsistent, if taking place at all. By reporting and assessing consistently at Moving Matters, we hope that our member schools have an increased visibility on progress and attainment across their classes/year groups.

Our assessment criteria is simple to use and follow, and we advise our Primary PE Specialists and schools to ensure the children have that awareness. Unless they know, how can they work to improve and what are they focused on improving.

Moving Matters PE Curriculum

Following on from the above, our online PE curriculum is so central to careful planning of a high quality/outstanding PE curriculum, which is structured to meet the needs of all pupils. The video below shows how to utilise the best aspects of our PE Curriculum service.

How to Teach Primary School PE- Using Moving Matters Curriculum

All our member schools benefit from access to the curriculum for their whole staff.

If you’re not a member school but would like access or more information then get in touch.

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Staff First Aid Training

Last Monday, some of our staff participated in the practical part of the Pediatric First Aid training. Pediatric First Aid is a vital skill to have when working with children in an active capacity because it allows you to be educated about what to do regarding the welfare and safety of a child.

This was a great session, with all members of the team hands-on getting involved. Because of how much of the role is based around working with children, we put an emphasis on ensuring all our staff are equipped with the skill to handle all situations.

What’s On Offer 2022-23…

It’s been an exciting start to the academic year, with new staff and new schools. We’ve also been successful in procuring new contracts with existing and new schools.

If anything we offer appeals, do get in touch, we’d love to increase the number of member schools we work with.

Bringing our mission statement to as many young children as possible has always been our ethos, and this year we will pursue this even further.

“We provide children with positive, active, learning experiences”

The button below is a link to our available services range for the 22/23 academic year, for your viewing pleasure. If you are interested in bringing any of these services to your school, feel free to get in contact with us:

Services Booklet 22/23

London Marathon

Last week I spoke with Layla Hall from London Marathon events about the things she is coordinating across London. Her role involves promoting physical activity, in particular running and the Daily Mile initiative. I have shared information with all our member schools but if anyone would like to find out more, get in touch.

The London Mini Marathon presents an incredible opportunity for children to run the last 2.6KM of the course. This event takes place on the 22nd April, the day before the big event. Here are the details:

Mini Marathon

Layla also discussed having places at the Marathon for teachers, so if interested please get in touch and I can pass on details. She has promised me a place for London 2024, a personal ambition of mine…eeeek!

Finally, Layla is coordinating with all schools who do the Daily Mile, to share practice etc, the event is virtual next week, book here:

Register Here


Upcoming Competition – Year 5 & 6 Dodgeball (Jan 19th 2023)

@ Brixton Rec Centre

Our attendance numbers for our two most recent competitions (Y4-6 Girls Football & Y6 Swim) have both been fully-booked, and we are looking to continue in that trend with our first competition of 2023.

We currently have 17 schools booked in for Year 5-6 Dodgeball and have space for three more schools.

To register your school for our competitions, click the button below:

Competitions Booking Form

Lunchtime Movers

Last Tuesday, coaches George, Levi and Matt held a Lunchtime Movers training course with Dunraven Primary staff.

The session was focused on activities using minimal-equipment that the staff can run in the playground with children to keep them active during lunch breaks. The staff received the activities really well and commented that they found them very useful.

One of the Dunraven staff members who gave us an amazing testimonial:

If you are interested in developing the delivery of your Lunchtime Staff, book a Calendly meeting using the link below:

Book A Meeting

PE Deep Dive

Are you awaiting an Ofsted inspection or would you just like to have a better idea of where PE as a subject is at within your school?

This service provides you with the framework for structuring the vision for PE, how that is implemented, and it’s impact across the school.

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Staff Profile – Jeremy Asiedu

What is your role at Moving Matters?

Primary PE Specialist

How long have you been at Moving Matters?

November 2022

What was your favourite subject at school?


Who are your favourite sports team(s)?

Golden State Warriors

What is your favourite food?


What is a quote that has stuck with you?

“If you quit right now, you’ll quit everyday for the rest of your life.”

Quote of the Week

Dina Asher-Smith

Fastest British Olympic Athlete On Record –

100m/200m/4x100m Relay National Record Holder

“To Be Resilient, Be Kind To Yourself”


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