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Friday January 26th

Impact Stat #007

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Increasing Muscle Injuries In Women’s Football

The surge in ACL and other muscle injuries among women's football players, exemplified by the recent unfortunate case of Sam Kerr tearing her ACL, has raised concerns within the sporting community. Several factors contribute to the heightened prevalence of such injuries in women's football. One key element is the increasing intensity and competitiveness of the women's game.

As the sport continues to grow in popularity and professionalism, athletes are pushed to their physical limits, engaging in faster-paced matches and more rigorous training regimens. The elevated demand for speed, agility, and strength places additional stress on players' bodies, making them more susceptible to injuries like ACL tears.

Another factor that has been identified is the unique biomechanics and physiology of female athletes. Women generally have a higher predisposition to ACL injuries compared to their male counterparts, a phenomenon attributed to anatomical and hormonal differences. The wider hips and smaller knee joint in females may create an increased angle at the knee, potentially leading to a higher risk of ACL injuries.

Whilst we all want to see the women’s side of The Beautiful Game grow, it seems to be coming at a cost to the players, which we are hoping will decrease in the near-future.

One of the key ways in which they hope to alleviate this issue, is for girl footballers to begin playing at a younger age, something which is commonplace in men’s football. With that being said, our Wildcats programme had their second session this past Monday which has been great to witness.

Key Details:

Mondays 17:30 - 18:30

£4 a session

@ The Elmgreen School

Starts Monday 15th January 2024

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Wandsworth SCITT

This is my fourth academic year working with Wandsworth SCITT and supporting their trainee teachers. On Friday 19th January I delivered the first of two sessions to the new cohort pictured above.

The course is titled An Introduction to Primary PE and I aim to pack as much into 2.5 hours as possible. Not long when working with EYFS, KS1 and 2 teachers.

My main focus with teacher training is to get teachers moving as much as possible and enjoying the experiences that they have. This was a great group to work with, fully engaged and throwing themselves into all the activities, including pretending to be astronauts in Journey into Space!

Some lovely feedback as you can see below…

“Rob was great at explaining what games were good for what ages and how we can incorporate them into our lessons. Was good to see it linked to the national curriculum.”

“Really engaging. Will help me become more confident teaching PE.”

“It was fun and engaging.”

The next part of our training in April will cover Gymnastics and summer sporting activities.

If your school is interested in any teacher training please get in touch:

Upcoming: Year 5 & 6 Dodgeball Competition

Last year we hosted this competition on January 19th at Brixton Rec, with 18 schools attending from across South London. On that day we saw a highly-contested final between Elm Wood and Fenstanton primary schools in which the former came out as 2-1 winners.

Currently we are up to 14 schools booked in this year, and still have capacity for a few more, so if your school has not booked in and want to compete in one of our most popular events, you can do so using the button below:

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Volunteers Needed

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New Staff Profile

Name: Rhys Bienaime

Role at Moving Matters: Primary PE Specialist

Schools Working In: Granton

Start Date: Jan 2024

Favourite Subject At School: Science

Favourite Sports Team(s): Golden State Warriors and Crystal Palace

Favourite Food: Sandwiches

SFX T-Level Students

This Spring term we’re working with St Francis Xavier 6th form college in Wandsworth and providing two of their students a 5 month work placement.

It’s a great opportunity for the two students, Akosua and Kwasi to have hands on experience working within our business and they are supporting the admin and marketing teams.

If you’re interested in an apprenticeship or volunteering with Moving Matters, please send us your details:

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February Holiday Camp

Mon 12th February - Fri 16th February //

08:30 - 15:30 (Extended Day Until 17:30)

The Elmgreen School, SE27 9BZ

Early Bird Offer

10% off all bookings until 28th January using code: EARLY10

Earlier this month, we ran our first ever January camp which saw a good turnout and will hopefully become another date in our annual programme.

Amidst a really short half term, our February Holiday Camps are coming up quite quickly:

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Mon 12th February - Fri 16th February //

08:30 - 15:30 (Extended Day Until 17:30)

Immanuel & St Andrew Primary School, SW16 5SL

Early Bird Offer

10% off all bookings until 28th January using code: EARLY10

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Moving Matters Football Club

This term Moving Matters FC U8s began their Tandridge league campaign. They have played three games so far and according to coach Ellis have made an excellent start. Ellis noted that the boys have been playing some lovely football, and on top of that enjoying themselves whilst doing so. The league games have given the team a great opportunity to test their skills against other sides in an environment that does not put pressure on the final result, or post league standings.

The main aim is development of the players and helping foster a love for the game. They will be next playing on Sunday away to Petts Wood Owletts.


Quote of the Week

Michael Phelps

28 Olympic Medals, 23 Olympic Gold Medals

“You dream. You plan. You reach. There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits.”


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