Stay Active Tuesday 12th May 2020



PE lesson


Practise your overarm throwing skills with the guides below - click HERE for help from Coach George




 Activity: set up a target (using cricket stumps/a bucket/3 sticks dug into the ground), stand 5-10m away and practise throwing a ball/balled up socks at the target. Focus on using good technique, as shown above. How many times can you hit the target in 20 tries?

Daily Challenge: Can you hit the stumps 5 times in a row before the end of the day?

Coaches challenge

Try a new balance challenge from Coach Levi - click here for a video

Early years story

Try this funfair bowling activity with Coach Teri - clcik here for a video

Daily Fitness Challenge

Try this front room Superhero workout with Coach Ash - click here for a video

Coach Conor's Quiz

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