Stay Active - Monday 2nd June 2020


This week we are learning a range of Football skills and techniques. Day by day, you will learn a range of athletics techniques and finish by putting your skills to the test with a skills/performance challenge at the end of the week. See your guide for the week below:




Activity: set out a 10x10 feet area using small markers (shoes, socks etc). Practise dribbling the ball from one side of the area to the opposite side, aiming to take as many touches on the ball as you can, whilst keeping the ball moving. Each turn, alternate feet so that dribbling and control skills are developed on both sides. 

Progress: practise dribbling using a different part of the foot each time e.g. the laces, the instep, the outside, the sole. 

Activity 2: using the markers you used for the first activity, scatter them across the floor, creating obstacles. Practise dribbling in and out of the markers usind as many different parts of the foot as possible. 

Daily challenge: how many times can you dribble across the area in Activity 1 in 1 minute? 3 minutes? 5 minutes? How many times can I complete the dribbling course in Activity 2 in 1 minute? 3 minutes? 5 minutes?