Stay Active- Friday 15th May


PE Cricket challenge


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Today, put all the cricket skills together we have learnt this week in our Cricket Skills Challenge. Make sure you look over the techniques and skills from the previous days before starting.

Activity 1:  Catching

Standing 1-2 metres away from your partner or a wall, see how many successful low catches you can make in 1 minute. Have as many goes as you like to get the highest score possible.


Extension: how many high catches can you make in 1 minute? For this activity, make sure you go outside and set a height that the ball has to reach for each go, to make sure the challenge is done fairly.

Activity 2: Throwing

Set up your stumps or an alternative target and gather as many tennis balls/pairs of balled socks together as possible. Stand 5-10m away. You have 1 minute to hit the target as many times as you can using the overarm throwing technique practised.


Activity 3: Batting

Set up a scoring zone as with Wednesday’s lesson. You have 20 tries to hit the ball into the scoring zone. 

Activity 4: Bowling

Set up your target as with the bowling activity. Practise bowling towards the stumps/target using the best technique you can manage. How many times can you hit the stumps in 20 tries?


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