National Fitness Day - Wednesday 23rd September 2020

National Fitness Day with Moving Matters.

A few years ago Uk Active launched the National Fitness Day, a national campaign to raise the profile of physical activity and fitness across the country. This year we were particularly keen to engage in the scheduled events (10@10) and encourage local schools we work in to get involved. Our ambition to raise the profile of this day, seemed even more pertinent following the past 6 months, which has seen a huge rise in sedentary behaviour in young people and a reduction in activity levels.

The UK Chief Medical Officer recommends that young people (5-16 year olds) should take part in 60 minutes of moderate-vigourous activity each day. From Sport England's Active People data, 48% normally hit this figure, which dropped to just 19% during lockdown. Inactivity is up and our staff and many of the schools we work have commented on how many children have returned to schools looking bigger.

So there is a need to get children active again and NFD we hope can be the catalyst for increased activity levels across our schools in 2020-21.

10 @ 10

A number of our schools got involved in this great iniative, with schools across the country encouraged to tune into the NFD You Tube channel and do 10 minutes of physical activity at 10am. We are currently working on our own videos to post on our channel, as it would be great to see this integrated into the normal school day. Here is one of the two videos available on the channel, give it a go yourself

The children at Julians, Stockwell, Paxton and Orchard all took part and really enjoyed the activity.

Active travel

Walking, scooting or cycling to school is a great way to actively start your day. There is lots of research on the positive effect of activity on learning, see image below, so even more reason to encourage children to actively travel to school

A number of our team ran, cycled or walked into work, with our Director setting the example on his 25km cycle commute.


Moving Matters Running Challenge.


The Moving Matters Running challenge gets children to complete a short 10 metre running course as many times as they can in an allocated amount of time. We get the year 3 and 4 children to do three minutes of running and years 5 and 6, five minutes. We use this challenge across our schools to generate baseline data at the beginning of the academic year and we do the challenge again in January, April and finally in July. It is a similar initiative to the Daily Mile and Marathon Kids but with a Moving Matters slant on it.


At Paxton primary school, company Director Rob Wilkinson, put the key stage 2 children through their paces as they all took part in the challenge. The effort level from all the children was fantastic and PE Lead Mr Taylor, leading by example got involved with his class, running 96 laps in 5 minutes. 


The classes lead by Mr Marsden also got involved at Elmwood, so well done to the Gipsy Hill Federation for championing the day across their schools.


What else happened?

We took to our social media platforms to showcase all the great things going on, please take a look and read about some of the highlights from the day.


As well as the above our team engaged in the event in lots of different ways. At Stockwell and Telferscot the children took part in a physical activity circuit with Miss Lovesey and Mr O'Neal Dawson.


There was lots going on at Julians, with Mr Hayman organising for all children to come to school in PE kit, whole school engagement in 10@10  and with the support of new Moving Matters' Apprentice Jacob Calder they each ran 1k with every class they worked with, with a number of teachers also running.





Check out the highlights from Julians video from the day


Coach Ryan was at Orchard primary for NFD organising 10@10, class circuits and best of all a staff netball game. Apparently it got competitive pretty quickly and is something they now want to replicate on a more regular basis.


We also had Mr Snadden doing a home work out Yoga video


Mr Marsden started his day with a whole body workout and then got our SLD Soccer School players to complete a fitness challenge at training.


All in all, lots of great physical acvitiy being modelled by staff and engaged with by children.


Make it a habit...


​What National Fitness Day showed us is all the great ways we can increase the amount of physical activity for adults and children; active travel to school, 10@10 (or something similar), running challenges and even staff sport.

We won't see impact by just doing it once a year but instead if we start to build habits that will allow more people to access 60 minutes of physical activity each day. We are in a global health crisis and the health of our population has never been more important, at Moving Matters we will be doing everything we can to support schools, children, teachers and parents to achieve that, it links to our vision.

To help create a healthier society for future generations.

Let's get to it shall we...