My Lockdown Run

My Lockdown Running

By Matt Hayman

It has turned out that 2020 has become the year of the run! I have been running on and off for a few years now but have only really trained regularly when training for a specific goal for example a half marathon. Again purpose is a massive motivate for me in my day to day life even more so for my training. During lockdown 1 in April I set my self a goal of running over 100km within the month. This gave me a target and got me out running. In the back of my mind I still had the hope of a rugby season beginning in the summer. During lockdown 1 it also helped that the weather was so good so the thought of a run was a good one.

This leads me to now and the announcement of lockdown 2, I had been struggling recently for motivation to train and had slipped into bad habits of less exercise and more home comforts which was undoing the good work I had done throughout lockdown 1. I was determined to get back into a good routine which isn’t easy with not much end game in terms of rugby and let’s face it not the nicest weather and the decreasing day light hours.

As soon as the lockdown was announced I was determined to flip my mentality and use the 28days as a positive and not just slip into the negative mindset of a lockdown.

I therefore set myself the goal of running every day during lockdown. This would equal 28 runs. I managed to go 15  days in a row, which is by far the most days I have run for in a row. This left me with 13 runs to go in 12 days. In the end I missed 4 days between day 16 and day 28. This meant that my last 4 days involved 2 runs each day to reach the target of 28 run in 28 days.

I managed to do this and have completed my goal of a run for every day of lockdown. I would have loved to do a run every day however sometimes you have to listen to your body, but even with the setbacks of needing to rest I still didn’t let myself give up and pushed myself to complete the double runs towards the end to still reach my goal. The main misjudgement was that I thought lockdown ended on the 2nd not the 1st!

In the end I managed to run 152km in 28 runs in 28 days. I couldn’t be happier with that and have never even thought of running that far in 1 month!