Moving Matters Home Learning Quiz

Each week there will be a sports and general knowledge quiz from us at Moving Matters for you to have a go at. This can be done in teams or individually. There are questions for adults too!

Everybody find something to write with and something to write on, lets begin!

  1. In which football stadium do Manchester United play their home games?

(Bonus 1pt) Who is Manchester United’s all time leading scorer in all competitions?

  1. In the Olympic games you win a gold medal for coming first, what kind of medal do you win if you finish in 3rd place?

(Bonus 1pt) Which nation won the most gold medals in the 2016 Olympic Games?

  1. Which colour jersey does the Leader in the Tour de France wear?

(Bonus 1pt) How many stages make up the Tour de France?

  1. What animal is the main character in the game Sonic?

     5.   What is the smallest ocean in the world?
            (Bonus 1pt) What is the largest ocean in the world?

      6. What colours are the 5 olympic rings? 1pt for each colour.

      7. In what sport do England and Australia play for “The Ashes”
          (Bonus 1pt) At which ground was the last game of the 2019 ashes played?

      8.  What city is the largest in the United Kingdom?
           (Bonus 1 pt for each) The above answer is a capital city, can you name the
           3 remaining Capital cities in the UK?                                            
      9. Brazil have won the most football world cups, how many do they have?
          (Bonus 1pt) In what year did Brazil win their last world cup?       

     10. Can you name all of the English Premier League teams based in London?

          1 pt for each correct answer. 

THE RESUlts of the QUIZ WIll Be released on Monday 11th May