Design a Gymnastics sequence


This week we are learning to design a Gymnastics sequence. Throughout the week, you will learn various gymnastics movements which will help you design an amazing sequence at the end of the week. Here’s your day by day guide (click on green link for Coach George to talk you through task);


-Learn how to move in creative and fun ways with our animal walks

Extension- Try these balances as well


-Can you hold one of these balances for longer than 3 seconds?


-Learn our favourite roll, the TEDDY BEAR roll!

Video of Teddy bear roll

Extension- Try a forward roll


-Test these variety of jumps and master the landing



-Design your own sequence using all the movements you’ve learnt, your sequence must involve 2 balances, 2 different ways of travelling, 1 rotation (roll) and 2 different jumps

Assess yourself!- Assess how well you’re doing