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End of February Edition

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Welcome Back Rianna!

This term we welcome back one of our former staff members Rianna Edwards-Griffiths. You may remember her from SLD Girls Only sessions, Holiday Camps or some of the schools she used to work in in the last academic year.

Moving forward she will be working at Fenstanton, Paxton, St Marys and St Helens. We’re really excited to have her back!

New Member School

Immanuel and St Andrew Primary School

At the end of the last term, we announced our new contract with Immanuel and St Andrew and this week everything kicked off.

Primary PE Specialists Josh Andrews and Hosanna Gayle are now deployed there on a full time basis; covering teachers PPA time with PE, working with small groups of children to support their physical, social and emotional needs and facilitating sports clubs before and after school.

It was a pleasure to drop in and see them this week, to check in on how their first week was going.

We look forward to an exciting partnership with the school going forward.


Moving Matters PE Curriculum


Netball- Possession

Netball is an exciting team sport that has many benefits for children. Not only is it great for developing physical skills and coordination, but it also teaches important social skills such as communication, cooperation, and teamwork.

Furthermore, because it is a non-contact sport, it is a safe way for children to exercise, have fun and learn important skills in the process.

Teaching netball in schools helps children to learn how to work with others. Netball is a great way to keep kids active and have them enjoy a sport that is suitable for all ages and genders.

With our upcoming Netball competition, we felt it necessary to include one of our Netball possession Youtube videos (above) and a visual aid available using the button below:

Curriculum Activity File


Upcoming Competition

Year 5 & 6 Netball @ Kennington Park

Thursday March 9th

18 schools booked, 0 spaces remaining (Waiting List Available)

Our Year 5/6 Netball competition is coming up in just under 2 weeks and we currently have 18 schools signed up. This is the max capacity we have for the venue but there is a waiting list you can sign up for, and a place will be given if another school cannot attend.

You can also click the button below to read the full competition report written by George Marsden regarding our most recent Swimming Gala on February 9th.

Competitions Report

To register your school for our competitions, click the button below:

Competitions Booking Form

What’s On Offer 2022-23…

It’s been an exciting start to the academic year, with new staff and new schools. We’ve also been successful in procuring new contracts with existing and new schools.

If anything we offer appeals, do get in touch, we’d love to increase the number of member schools we work with.

Bringing our mission statement to as many young children as possible has always been our ethos, and this year we will pursue this even further.

“We provide children with positive, active, learning experiences”

The button below is a link to our available services range for the 22/23 academic year, for your viewing pleasure. If you are interested in bringing any of these services to your school, feel free to get in contact with us:

Services Booklet 22/23


Lunchtime Movers

Lunchtime activities in the playground can be beneficial for children in many ways. They give children a chance to engage in physical activity, socialise with their peers, and burn off some of their excess energy.

Studies have found that regular physical activity helps to improve mental and physical health, as well as aiding concentration and academic performance.

Playground activities can also help to build a sense of community among the children, as they work together in teams and develop new social skills. Being part of a supportive community can be an important factor in developing a child’s self-confidence and resilience.

Last term Dunraven teachers participated in our Lunchtime Movers training session and they gave their amazing feedback below:

If you are interested in bringing this service to your school, book a meeting using the button below:

Book A Meeting

February Holiday Camp Review

The February half term saw us host another great Holiday Camp at Elmgreen School, with 282 bookings for the week, over 55 children on average taking part in high-quality activities during the half term. We saw some new faces and some long-standing attendees and introduced some new coaches and activities to further improve our delivery.

Our next Holiday Camp will be during the Easter half term and we are just finalising some details that will be going out to all parents in the next week, including some new locations.

Ofsted Approved Childcare

Did you know?

Only Ofsted approved sites should be providing childcare services to children across the country, it is a standard of provision that all should be adhering too.

Our site at The Elmgreen school has been Ofsted approved for over ten years and recently passed compliance. Our registration also enables parents to use childcare vouchers to pay for the provision at camp.

Our URN is 2644464

To accommodate a greater age range of children, we have recently applied to look after early years children for a full day at camp (previously just 3hours and 59 minutes). We hope to announce our new Ofsted status for the forthcoming Easter or Mid-Summer camps.

Moving Matters Soccer School

After many years in our signature green and white colours, we are a little sad and simultaneously excited to announce that SLD Soccer School has changed its name to Moving Matters Soccer School!

This is in order to bring this strand of the business into better alignment with the other work we do and to make our Soccer School more recognisable as a part of Moving Matters.

This will involve a change to a red, black and white colour logo and this change will be noticeable across our website, social media accounts and all other promotional material.

We had such great memories as SLD but we have to say farewell as we begin our new chapter as MMSS.

However, we’ve reinvigorated our Soccer School delivery, with new coaches and curriculum with this term’s focus being keeping possession and risky attacking play

Possession is an integral part of football, as it allows a team to build from the back and maintain control of the ball. A team that can keep possession and build attacks is one that is more likely to succeed in the long run, as it will be able to create more chances to score and make it harder for the opposition to break them down.

Keeping possession requires good decision-making and technical ability, as well as a high level of teamwork and communication among the players. Building attacks requires vision and creativity, as well as an understanding of how each player’s skill set can be used to create chances.

It is important to be able to identify spaces and exploit them by taking risks, which can be done by making quick decisions and playing effective one-two passes. With a strong focus on possession and attack, a team will be able to create opportunities to score and put itself in a position to win.

We will be focusing heavily on these two key aspects of football up until the Easter half term break.


Quote of the Week

Alex Morgan

2x World Cup Winner, 2012 Olympics Gold Medalist

“Always work hard, never give up, and fight until the end because it’s never really over until the whistle blows.”



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