Are you providing all students with the same chance to excel in PE? If you hesitate to answer yes, it’s crucial to reflect on your teaching methods. 

As educators, it falls upon us to ensure that our lessons are inclusive and cater to the diverse needs of our students. Therefore, it is imperative that our teaching strategies embrace differentiation.

Differentiation, defined as ‘the tailoring of instruction to meet the differing capabilities of individuals or groups of pupils,’ is pivotal in extending the learning of all students.

By thoughtfully planning differentiation in our lessons, we provide every student with an equal opportunity to succeed. This not only enhances their understanding and skill level but also fosters increased activity levels and the myriad of benefits associated with being more active. In all Moving Matter lessons you will see our Primary PE specialist using the STTEP principles to differentiate for individuals and groups. Here’s an example in 1 of our lesson plans:

Here are six tips for implementing differentiation effectively in PE:

  • Ensure that the success criteria are attainable for all students. Success should be within reach for everyone, as it bolsters self-efficacy.
  • Plan your session’s differentiation strategy meticulously. Utilise national curriculum guidelines and assessment documents available on our website to assist you in this endeavor.
  • Design activities that are straightforward to start with and can be easily progressed and adapted as needed.
  • Position yourself as a coach in a way that allows for accurate observation, which will inform your differentiation approach.
  • Provide a variety of equipment, such as balls of different sizes and cones of various colors, to tailor tasks to individual students’ abilities, making them either more achievable or more challenging.
  • Foster a classroom culture where students are encouraged to differentiate and challenge themselves, empowering them to take ownership of their learning journey.

By implementing these strategies, we can create an inclusive environment in PE that ensures every student has the opportunity to thrive and reap the benefits of physical activity.